Signs of alcohol addiction in adults

Have you noticed that you’ve not been the same since you started taking alcohol? Perhaps, some health issues have sprung up and you don’t how they came to be. You might be suffering from alcohol addiction without knowing it.

On the other hand, do you suspect that someone around you is addicted to alcohol but they are afraid to admit it?

In this post, you will learn the signs of alcohol addiction in adults. After knowing these signs, they will guide you into approaching the addict the right way.

Problems at work

One of the easiest ways to recognize an adult addicted to alcohol is the issues they face at work.

Some of them find it hard to be productive because they can hardly concentrate. Their sleeping patterns have been distorted and they most likely experience insomnia at night.

Therefore, during the day, they find it hard to keep awake. Such individuals would also find it difficult to control their emotions at the workplace because alcohol is still in their system.

Physical appearance

Another way to know when an individual is addicted is from their physical appearance. Some of the signs you will notice are bloodshot eyes, blank stares, wrinkled skin, lack of coordination, slurred speech, etc.

The cue to observing these signs is by comparing them to how they looked before they started taking alcohol.

Relationship issues

An addicted adult suffering from alcohol dependence might experience relationship problems. They will not be at peace with their loved ones because of their excessive drinking habit.

The addict might think that their family members are judging them. While the loved ones might think the addict was careless to get into their addiction problem.

When you notice that an adult is struggling with alcohol addiction, the first thing to do is encourage them to seek help.

At the initial stage, they will be in denial of their addiction problem. However, with the right treatment help, they can acknowledge their addiction problem and be on the road to sobriety.

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