Identifying signs of addiction in teenagers

For parents and guardians, it is crucial for you to know when your teenager is addicted and how to help them. These days, teenagers are exposed to various addiction forms particularly alcohol and drugs, and they pick up the addictive habit that remains with them.

One of the primary signs of addiction in teenagers is changes in normal habits. If you suspect your teenager is behaving in a strange way that you are not used to, there is a chance they are addicted. It is crucial you do not believe that their newfound behavior is due to hormonal changes.

As parents and guardians, it is necessary to watch out for strange behaviors in your teenagers to enable you take prompt actions.

Furthermore, depending on the type of addiction, the teenager is bound to have a change in physical appearance. If the teenager is hooked on drugs and alcohol, there is a big chance that they would have unusual appearance.

Some of the changes you will observe are: Bloodshot eyes, unexplained weight gain/loss, unusual breath smell, bruises on arms etc.

In addition, some of them put up secretive behaviors because they don’t want people to learn about addiction. With this, it becomes difficult for them to seek help because of the stigma that comes with addiction.

Similarly, if you observe your extroverted teenager starts acting like an introvert, or vice-versa, then something is wrong. It would be great to find out what your teenager is dealing with and there is a high chance, he or she is already addicted.

It is advised you exercise caution when dealing with your teenager particularly if you discover they are addicted. You can check their rooms and you might find drugs or other substances that constitutes their addiction.

If you are unsure about the possibility of your teenager’s addiction, you can ask them lovingly. Avoid attacking them because you will be scaring them off in the process. Draw them closer and find out what is wrong them.  

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